Getting Started as a Publisher

The information below will help you begin using your Publisher account and allow to begin selling text links on your pages

If you want to start earning money selling links from your page through the following will help you through the basics.

  1. Register for your publisher’s account.

  2. From your control panel begin by selecting “Publisher”.

  3. Then select “Add New Site” from the navigation menu on the left.
    You can then begin to add the information for each web page that you want to add. You can select the Title, the URL and the category of the page.
  4. Now you can place installation code on your web page. Select “My Websites” and then select “Installation Code” near your web page in the list.
    You'll get a code and a simple instructions about it installation.
  5. Select “My Websites” and then click "Validate" link near your web page in the list.

Once complete you account is active and advertisers can now purchase links on your pages.

Should you have any problems, please contact us.

Just make sure that your PayPal email account details are entered correctly as this is where your payment will be sent each and every month. Within your account details you must have entered your Name, Address and in the United States your SSN or EIN number.