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You can improve your websites traffic and its search engine positions by using our service to buy relevant one way links to your pages. Links are used by most search engines as a major factor in determining search rankings. This depends on the number of links you have, the quality of the link and the relevancy; helps you to achieve all three of these factors in a simple manner.

We have a database that contains many thousands of web pages; for a small monthly fee you can add your links to these pages.

You may search the available web pages by category, SiteRank, country. Once selected your links are added instantly so there is no wait for the placement to be done manually.

We sell text links at the following monthly rates.

Discounts are available if you contact us.

Link Ad Pricing 1 credit - $0.1

SiteRank (SR) 0 homepage 2 credit, subpage 1 credit
SiteRank (SR) 1 homepage 4 credit, subpage 2 credit
SiteRank (SR) 2 homepage 8 credit, subpage 4 credit
SiteRank (SR) 3 homepage 12 credit, subpage 6 credit
SiteRank (SR) 4 homepage 16 credit, subpage 8 credit
SiteRank (SR) 5 homepage 20 credit, subpage 10 credit
SiteRank (SR) 6 homepage 40 credit, subpage 20 credit
SiteRank (SR) 7 homepage 80 credit, subpage 40 credit
SiteRank (SR) 8 homepage 120 credit, subpage 60 credit
SiteRank (SR) 9 homepage 200 credit, subpage 100 credit
SiteRank (SR) 10 homepage 360 credit, subpage 180 credit

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 15 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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