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How do I view the inventory before I purchase a link?

If I don't like a link how do I cancel and regain my credits?

Can I get a discount?

I wish to cancel my account.

I need to reduce the number of links I have bought.

I have forgotten my password.

What happens if Google finds that I am buying or selling links?

Why have I been billed again when I still have credits on my account?

I need to update my credit card info.

What methods of payment can I use?

When will you bill me?

Where is my statement or invoice?

The text link I purchased is no longer on the page.

What is the process to inform you of system abuse?

Where are my account stats and what can they tell me?

How do I get started buying links?

I no longer want a link, how do I remove it?

I have purchased a link, how do I see the page it is on?

Is it possible to make the addition of any notes within my account?

Is there a reseller program?

I want to know when I have available credits.

How do I know if a link is canceled?

I need to change my password.

I always seem to have credits available, why?

Can I change my link ad category

How many different variations of URL/Anchor text can I use?

Where can I download a list of my links?

What method do you use to organize your links?

Why do my links not appear in Google?

When will my searchtified rank improve?

Will this increase my traffic and sales?

How many links are sold on each page?

I want you to organize my links for me.

Will the links remain permanently?

Please tell me about Searchtified Rank.

How do I increase Searchtified Rank?

How many characters am I allowed for my anchor text?

Are international characters supported?

I keep seeing ""not available for your category"", what does this mean?

What are the thumbs up and down icons for on the ""select links"" page?

What does Manual link placement mean for Advertiser?